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Mazel Tov on the birth of your son. Congratulations if you are expecting.

Berit Mila—the Covenant of Circumcision— fulfills one of the most significant mitzvot as your son enters the covenant along with G-d and Abraham. This joyous occasion also represents his entry into a lifelong journey of good deeds, study, and education as a Jewish man.

As a certified mohel and pediatrician specializing in newborn care, Dr. Rawdin is honored to join with your family to create a wonderful and memorable Berit Mila for you and your son. This begins with meeting the parents prior to the day of the Bris. Whether it is in person, on the phone, FaceTime or Skype, Dr. Rawdin makes sure the family feels comfortable and a relationship is established. This communication continues before, during and after this wonderful day is over.

By exploring a brief history of Berit Mila, as well as information about the ceremony and pre/post instructions, you will have a solid foundation upon which you and Dr. Rawdin can develop a ceremony filled with tradition and ritual—along with the personalization that will make it uniquely special to your family and your newborn son.

In preparation for the birth of our first child, which we learned was going to be a boy, the first major decision my wife and I had to make was finding a Mohel to perform his Bris. Friends recommended the “old standbys” that have been around forever but we wanted someone more personal and caring. I was particularly interested in finding a Mohel that was also a medical doctor, if it was possible.

We came across the website of Dr. David Rawdin and from his description, testimonials and warm pictures; we had a good feeling from the start. This was... Read More

Asher is all healed and fantastic. I have not missed an opportunity to tell ANYONE who would listen what a lovely experience we had working with you. I've listed your contact with our synagogue office to be given out when we get requests. I only wish I was a Philly area rabbi and had more pull in your hometown. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty and it is so wonderful to me to know you are out there doing this sacred work. 

Cari Bricklin-Small                                                          (current Rabbi @ Shir Tikvah: Winchester,Mass)
 (Rabbi- Beth Chaim, Princeton Junction, NJ)

And, if you are having or gave birth to a girl, Dr. Rawdin is happy to perform Simchat Bat or a beautiful baby naming ceremony for her.

This ceremony is a wonderful and personal way to welcome your newborn daughter into Judaism. Dr. Rawdin will be happy to speak and/or meet with you regarding this special day.

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