About Dr. Rawdin


David Rawdin, a.k.a David ben Moshe, grew up in a small town west of Philadelphia surrounded by Judaism- its religion, customs and traditions. Today, he continues to practice as an observant Jew while living just outside Center City Philadelphia.


Dr. Rawdin is a pediatrician specializing in newborn care and is licensed in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. He worked as a pediatrician in the Well Baby Nursery of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania from 2003 until 2010 and served as the assistant director of the nursery since 2005. During this period, Dr. Rawdin examined and cared for more than 10,000 newborn infants.

He was the first pediatrician to perform circumcisions at the hospital, and he mentored and trained the other pediatricians/neonatologists to perform this procedure. Dr. Rawdin went on to obtain his certification as a Reform Mohel from the Berit Mila Board of Reform Judaism through the Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles, California.


Having a background in surgical training, as well as extensive experience in taking care of newborns, Dr. Rawdin is extremely proficient not only in mila—the act of circumcision—but in newborn care as well. While performing circumcisions in the hospital, he became very interested in the history of circumcision in the Jewish religion. This interest grew into a desire to start combining the act of circumcision with the tradition and religion of being a Jew and integrating the two in order to perform Berit Mila. It is his love of Judaism and his passion for helping others that has brought him to this point.

“As a Mohel, I get to fulfill two Mitzvot,” shares Dr. Rawdin. “One involves the act of performing Berit Mila and starting a boy on a lifelong journey of being Jewish. And, on a more personal level, helping others by teaching and conveying through words and actions the meaning of being a Jew.”

“It is my hope that you and your family will invite me to share in the nachas of Berit Mila and to help celebrate such a joyous and significant day in the life of your newborn son.”